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  • Las Vegas Locksmith - Pop-A-Lock
  • Las Vegas Locksmith - Pop-A-Lock
  • Las Vegas Locksmith - Pop-A-Lock
  • Las Vegas Locksmith - Pop-A-Lock

Emergency Door Unlock (EDU)

Las Vegas Emergency Locksmith Service and FREE EDU Program

Pop-A-Lock is the pioneer in providing free car door unlocking and home lockouts when a child, senior, or anyone whose life is in danger is locked inside. We pride ourselves on this valuable service we offer to the Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas communities.  Since we are a Las Vegas 24 hour emergency locksmith, we are able to provide this valuable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Believe it or not, Pop-A-Lock has rescued over 10,000 children, seniors, and those whose lives are in danger here in Las Vegas alone! We ourselves are often shocked by how many of these services we perform, but we recognize anyone can be subject to an accident and we're here to help as your trusted emergency locksmith.  An emergency lockout can happen to anyone -- that's why we exist!

There isn't a better feeling than when we arrive on the scene with the fire department and Mom present and rush to unlock the car door in a few second's time safely and speedily. It feels like we're being super-heroes -- and that is no exaggeration -- but the truth is that it's the emergency lockouts we perform in these situations that inspires us to do the work we do.

Founded by law enforcement officers, we have always focused on the areas where we can help the community in addition to offering our paid services.  We have found that trusted, reliable emergency locksmith service is critical to have in any community.

Procedures to follow in case a child, infant, senior, or anyone's life is in danger because they are locked in a car or home:

  • Call 9-1-1
  • Call Pop-A-Lock (note the fire department usually calls us immediately too)
  • The nearest Pop-A-Lock employee will drop everything and come to help for FREE.

We recognize that emergency lockouts can be scary and stressful so we give them the highest urgency and prioritize them over all active jobs. In fact, it is not uncommon for one of our locksmiths to leave a job if he or she is closest to the locksmith emergency and return once a child is saved.

A recent testimonial:

"Dear Friends - Thank you for your company's quick response to our call this morning that one of our parent's locked her keys and her 14-month old inside her car. After placing the call for assistance to Pop-A-Lock, we waited 12 minutes before Mom and toddler were re-united. Your swift response to this incident and the fact that no fee was charged because a child was involved was quite impressive! We will be happy to promote Pop-A-Lock and spread your excellent customer service to all of our staff and customers. It's a credit to you and comforting to us to know that there are still company's out there who pride themselves on providing great customer service without taking advantage of the public."
School Director - KinderCare Learning Centers via a letter

It is important to note that not only do we provide this service for free, we do it only with licensed locksmiths in each Las Vegas area.  You must be a Las Vegas locksmith, North Las Vegas locksmith, or Henderson locksmith to perform any locksmith work.  Please be careful who you choose to help you unlock your vehicles!

Being a 24 hour emergency locksmith is not easy work, but as you can tell we are proud of the service we provide and love the work that we perform.

Pop-A-Lock of Las Vegas also supports non-profit organizations who help children.  We are a big supporter of KIDS AND CARS™, a nonprofit organization focused on helping the public understand the dangers of leaving children alone in and around cars.  See some of our joint work in this press release titled "Public Awareness Campaign Launched to Warn Parents about the Dangers of Leaving Children Unattended in Cars"

We at Pop-A-Lock thank you for your patronage and hope we are able to provide this emergency locksmith service for many more years here in Las Vegas.


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